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In the cosmic scheme of things, the record store rated "mediocre," but given the competition in Kingman it got bumped up to "solid" or even "good," especially when the stock had been recently rotated. Unlike Target, the proprietors realized that metal was in fact no longer best represented by a "Best of Black Sabbath" CD and whatever Five Finger Death Punch put out most recently. The prices weren't too bad either, especially if you bought used. BB could pretty reliably get what she wanted for eight to twelve bucks—less if it had sat for a while or was scuffed a bit or was one of those advance CDs with "DO NOT SELL THIS, PROPERTY OF THE RECORD LABEL" stamped all over it and ended up in clearance.

Usually, BB just browsed through the store to see what she could find. Her route took her through most of the genres, not because she found too much in a number of them, but because sometimes things got misshelved and sometimes she'd also see what other people were checking out and either learn about a new group or judge her fellow shoppers for their abysmal taste.

Today, though, BB was looking for something specific over in the metal section. There was a lot of buzz about this new album coming out by a group called Liturgy, and while she was pretty sure she'd seen some of their older stuff mentioned before, she'd never actually listened to any of it.

Liturgy didn't have their own tab, but there in the generic Ls, BB found a CD of theirs with a white cover featuring two black crosses side by side, the lefthand one upside down. It was labelled "Aesthetica" and perhaps more importantly it had a sticker on it that said it was four bucks, which was the perfect price to check out a group. So BB picked it up and, primary mission accomplished, was feeling pretty good as she turned to scout out the rest of the store. It was a pretty quiet day, not many people browsing, and so it caught her interest when the door opened.

Her attention was drawn even further by the figure who entered the store. Jeremy. Someone decently cool, someone who stepped up and played along when she decided to joke around in the lunch room. So BB gave a nod and a wave in Jeremy's general direction.
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