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Okay. Innuendos was apparently what the group was going for. Yaaay.

Danny prodded at the table, looking mildly uncomfortable. Although, really, the innuendos didn't make everything that much more uncomfortable, if only because this stuff was uncomfortable to begin with. Seriously, why'd they have to do this in a group? Whose idea was this?

Did he need to make innuendos, now? Otherwise they'd know he was uncomfortable, and they'd think he was uncomfortable with actual sex, which he totally wasn't, and then he'd be that weird guy who runs away from things forever. Even though that'd only been, like, once. And he'd totally only made excuses that time because it was just a bad day for it.

Danny only looked back up again when Jeremy mentioned the cap.

“Why would it have a cap, though? Maybe it's just the seam where they, y'know… glued this together or whatever. It probably doesn't actually move or—“

Danny reached over and twisted the thing briefly, but upon realising that it actually did seem to be about to come off he immediately let go of it again. He also let go because there was something intrinsically awkward about two people holding onto an item meant to represent a dick.

“Okay, yeah, that's a cap.”
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