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Trav just grinned and continued wrapping his hands. Jerry certainly talked a lot. There was a song about that called "Talk Shit, Get Shot". Not that he was going to shoot Jerry...not literally anyway. It depended on whether or not you classed his arms and legs as deadly weapons. Trav grinned again at his own joke.

Jerry said something about wanting to see what he was made of. Trav wondered if Jerry even realised that Trav was 3-0 in the same sport he was 0-4 in. He had one more match experience sure but like c'mon man. Stop with the trash talk for sparring. Trav looked up an eyebrow raised in confusion when Jerry mentioned he brought an entourage. He looked over his shoulder and spotted Noodle. Oh, that was what he mean't. He finished off wrapping his hands and waved Jerry off.

"Nah, don't worry about it, Noodle's here to train." Although Trav did think Noodle would probably watch a bit, out of curiosity. Wasn't everyday you got to see a guy who was a black belt in UFC fight.

Ok in Jerry's defence his idea for how they should structure the sparring session was pretty good. Trav nodded in agreement.

"Works for me man, starting with some simple kickboxing." Trav dropped off the apron of the ring and picked up his mouthguard placing it into his mouth and biting down to make sure it was in place. His mouth guard wasn't quite custom yet, there was talk of getting one that said 'Tekken' on it. His current one was just the Jamaican flag, nothing too special. He had bought Noodle a Hello Kitty mouthguard for her birthday one year. He was fairly sure Noodle secretly hated him. Putting his gloves on Trav headed over to the cage and hopped inside, side-stepping around the perimeter.

"What's the call on knees and elbows?"

He was curious if he was allowed to rain Muay Thai based death on a man. (Not that he'd throw proper knees or elbows, he wasn't a psycho).
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