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Everybody seemed to accept his response. Emphasis on seemed. It was possible that everybody was mocking his selective hearing, but he didn’t really want to think about that. He wasn’t here to socialise anyway. He was here to eat his lunch. The fact that he was sitting with three of his friends just happened to be a benefit. Wait, no, bad way of wording it. He liked his friends, but he needed to be quick. There, that was better. He actually sounded nice now. He remembered a saying, that being nice makes people nice to you in return. Well, he hoped that that was true.

People started to leave, at this point. Juniper was the first to leave, having received a text from Oskar about something. Lily was the next to leave, unfortunately being too sick to stay on the table. As she left, Alvaro watched her in the corner of his eyes until she was out of sight. He hoped she came to Vacanti’s later today. Working the cafe was always better with her around, and it’d help to unwind after the test.

Him and Alessio talked for a bit, until the latter left. He finished soon after, and headed to the library. He kinda wished he could still be at the table talking, but oh well, he supposed that was the passage of time.

((Alvaro Vacanti, continued elsewhere))
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