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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Ah. Right. He needed to wrap his hands. Jerry always thought that sort've thing looked stupid but his older brother Scott insisted he do it, so... whatever, he'd bow to his brother's wishes just this once. Jerry looked tellingly at his bag, letting Trav know that he'd still have to grab his gloves and his mouth guard before they could get shakin'.

"Hey, you're here!" Jerry said, after the fact. "Thought you woulda chickened out or some shit." It was a joke, and he laughed at his own joke, but maybe a tiny part of him was wishing Trav hadn't actually showed. Just... just a tiny part of him.

"I'm only fooling," Jerry quickly backtracked. "Just wanna see what you're made of, have some fun, show you why I put the Fury in Fury... ous. Furious. I meant... yeah. I meant that." Jerry looked off to the side, off towards the cage they'd be rough-cuddling on. "See you.... ah. Brought an entourage. Maybe I shoulda brought my brother t'cheer me on. Oh well, maybe when we meet each other on the BIG stage, eh?" Jerry turned and waved it off, going to fish through his bag.

"As for... egh... how we're doing this? I'unno, maybe start strikes only, maybe another 3-to-5 minutes of... i'unnevenno... grapplin' only, another 5 of freestyle? Keep goin' til we're bloody and shakin' and re-enacting the finale to Rocky IV." Obviously they weren't going to get that far, Jerry was going to stomp Trav into the motherfuggin' floor, but it was nice to make it sound more dramatic.
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