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((Travis Lynch continued from Relaxa!))

So this was happening...apparently. Jerry was constantly talking about how he was the best fighter in the school. Trav had chuckled about it at first but then Jerry kept asking and talking about it. Eventually Trav had humored him and actually responded to some of his questions, that had been a mistake. The discussion had gone on for a while.

Jerry was of course adamant that he'd win and Trav was sure that in actuality he would win. In essence it was practically every fight in the history of combat sports that had ever happened ever. That made a lot of sense in many ways. The thing that didn't make sense was Jerry's constant badgering for sparring. Trav had agreed because he didn't want to insult the guy but the fact was Jerry just wasn't very good. He was 0-4. The record alone should have been a hint that maybe his talk was the best part of his fight game but the guy was persistent.

They'd agreed to some sparring. Trav saw no problem in doing some friendly sparring with Jerry. He honestly didn't know what to expect as he walked into the gym. He'd jogged down with Noodle, as it meant he could save time actually warming up. Plus he could hang out with Noodle. If there was anyone he never really thought he'd be friends with it was Noodle. They shouldn't have been friends really, she was super driven and focused on anything she did and he was...well he was an idiot. Regardless he'd ended up getting her into MMA and they trained together all the time. It only felt natural to invite her along. She had said that she was going to workout which about right, there was no way Noodle was going to come to the gym just to watch him spar. Not on the weekend when there would be so much free space. The weekend sessions at the gym were always a lot more relaxed, unless it was the lead-up to a show, but if they could have as much ring time before they closed up for the afternoon it'd be better. As he walked past the mats to the changing rooms he saw Jerry stretching in the ring. Awesome. Noodle headed off to do her own thing. They'd meet up later to leave.

Changing didn't take too long, box on,shorts on (the orange Venum pair he had worn for his second fight), rash vest on, anklets. Picking up his bag he strolled back out, raising a hand and smiling in greeting to a few of the guys he knew who were practicing Jiu-Jitsu. He put his bag down to the side of the mats and retrieved the rest of his stuff from it. Gloves, mouth guard, hand wraps. He walked across the mats to the ring and got up on the side, leaning on the ropes as he starting the process of wrapping his hands. He left his gloves and mouth guard lying on the edge.

"Hey dude. How exactly do you want to do this?"
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