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((Alessio Rigano continued from Bad Days, Bad Moods, Bad Burgers))

Al went to class, sat down and the class began with him having a heart attack. Then he died.

Inside. A bit. A jumpscare wasn't new to him, but being jumpscared in class was. In response to Mrs. Webber, Henry did his typical Henry thing and was Henry.

Alessio liked Henry, he was nice. But he was also weird. Al knew that some people made fun of his weirdness, but that was not cool and very mean. The weirdness isn't something Alessio would dislike about Henry, but it confused him severely.

Something was different today, too.

Henry wore a white t-shirt. That was unusual. When you go to school with someone for years, you get used to their clothes. It was like the moment when he saw Mr. Dukoff at the supermarket without his office shirt. That was a shock. His worldview was shattered.

As Al was surprised by the well definition given by Henry, he leaned over to him.

"How did you know all of that?"
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