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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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This was it, the fight of the century. Jerry and Trav, Fury and Lynch. You could really put that up on a poster if you thought about it; maybe superimpose a couple of angry faces and fists poised. Yeah, that'd work. That'd really put asses in the seats.

Today, of course, they'd have a minimal audience. The gym wasn't packed today which was probably the only reason Jerry was able to get the ring at all, but he only had it reserved for about 20 minutes, so Trav better have been on his way. Jerry was still on the outside, putting on his shoes but the rest of his attire had already been changed out. He did his stretches already. ... Okay, he did half his stretches, got bored with the other half, and decided to do some cool poses before changing.

"The fuck is that guy..." Jerry asked himself, finishing the incomplete question in his head with 'where'. Travis wasn't necessarily late. By all means, if Trav got to the gym within the next five minutes, he'd be completely on time. It's just that Jerry was more than a little impatient and wanted to get this over with. The two had discussed at length who would win in a fight and, of course, Jerry insisted it was him. How could he lose? He mastered three... was it three? One, two, three styles, and combined them. It was an assured victory! His only regret is that this wouldn't be an official sanctioned fight or anything, bringing his record up to 1-4. Damn it, he had that one guy... the judging was bullshit. So what if he took more punches to the face? So what if he got up the wrong way and took a kick to the back? He suplexed the guy once, that had to count for something!

With his shoes finally on, Jerry got up, sighed... and finished his stretches.
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