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Brendan gave her a small nod as he listened to her. So she was playing some golf. That was pretty great. Brendan hadn't played it himself but he had a slight interest in it. He liked the idea of taking his time to concentrate on hitting a golf ball with a golf club and getting it into a hole. He thought it would be nice and peaceful. Away from all of the drama that he had to deal with sometimes. Maybe he could ask Alba if he could practice with her in the future. But right now, he was focused on trying to make things right first.

"I see. I'll get that drink for you. It's no problem. I'm happy to get it for you, Alba. So how long have you been doing golf?" He was trying to get a good conversation going. So he decided to go with the topic of golf.

His eyes wandered over to the vending machine. Now that he thought about it, he was a bit thirsty. And he had forgotten to bring his water bottle with him. Was Alba really okay with getting him something? He was actually afraid to ask. But if she was offering then it would be rude of him not to accept. Right?

"Okay. Sure. Then we will be even, right?" He grinned as he started to get out his money and he started to put the coins into the vending machine. "I'm not that fussy about what to have. So I'll have the same as you. I think this is nice that we are doing something for each other. It's really.... s-sweet of you to do this for me."
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