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The sun blared down on the Kingman roads as Jeremy Frasier looked at both sides of the road, trying to see if any cars were coming. He saw one that was just about to turn onto Main Street, but that was fine. He cut across the road, taking hurried steps across so as not to get run over. He could have walked the rest of the footpath to get to the traffic lights, true, but it was quicker if he just crossed in the middle; and if he went to the lights he’d have to wait like, five minutes before they allowed him to cross the road. Besides, there weren’t that many cars out right now. He was in between rush hours, it seemed, and the Kingman Sun probably persuaded families to just stay in the house all day and laze around. He liked that. It was easier to cross roads and there were going to be less assholes driving around the streets looking for people to mock. Considering the mood Jeremy was in right now, he was likely going to be less appreciative of those people than he was normally.

He had at this point crossed the street, and he took the first steps inside Kingman’s record store. It was a pretty cool place. He never came here that much but it wasn’t because he didn’t like it or anything. CDs of all genres lined its walls, and he knew that it was going to be a little bit troublesome to get his mom a gift for her birthday. He placed his hand into his pocket and felt the $30 stuffed in there. His $30, that he was planning on saving so that he could get something that he wanted. He was expecting his dad to give him the necessary money since he was the one being so gung-ho about him getting a mother a birthday present but nope, apparently he “couldn’t be trusted with the family’s money” because of something that he had done by accident nearly a quarter of a year ago. He protested against that, but his father threatened him and basically said that if he didn’t treat him as the supreme lord of the house he’d get grounded. God, he couldn’t wait until he could graduate and leave the house.

Anyway, he looked around. The place was kinda big, and he didn’t really know where to start. He knew his mother’s tastes a little, he knew the album that she was super into at this moment (a giant mess that was a massive fall from grace for Coldplay and easily the worst of their albums so far) but he didn’t know what in relation to that she’d like. She probably owned all Coldplay’s albums already, she already owned all of the Killers’ albums already, so he probably had to go somewhere new.

Well, he knew that Coldplay leaned more towards pop, and that the Killers were classified as pop for reasons completely unknown for Jeremy, so going to the pop section seemed like a good place to start. He took a couple steps towards the pop section, seeing what other genres the store had on offer. He preferred to buy on itunes, but having a physical copy of the album was worth having to rip the songs onto his laptop.
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