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Alvaro breaks out in hives when exposed to chili? How did he even live like that? Spicy food was the best.

“Sorry, I'll—“ Lily sneezed again, although this time she'd located tissues in time. “I'll keep that in mind—“ Sneeze. “For the futu—“

Another sneeze. Alright, this was just getting annoying. And this couldn't be helping her odds of spreading germs.

“Excuse me—“ Two sneezes that time around. Ugh, she hoped she wasn't going for a record. Her record was seventeen over the space of three minutes. She kept the tissue clamped firmly over her nose before choking out, “I need to go, I'm sorry.”

This burger wasn't doing much for her hunger anyway. Lily picked up her tray with one hand and, nodding at both Alvaro and Alessio, hurried away. Still letting out periodic sneezes. Perhaps her parents had been right about the fact that she shouldn't have shown up. Not that she'd admit it to them.

((Lily Caldwell continued in I can't think of any cutesy love songs that'd fit as a thread title, consider this a placeholder.))
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