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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Ugh, what a pain in the ass. Why was it whenever he wanted people to open up and jazz, they started being polite and reasonable and bottling all their shit up like a normal person? It was so frustrating. How could they be this dumb? Obviously he was here to help, and they weren't handling this well enough by themselves, otherwise Bryony wouldn't be crying. Duh. Then again, if they were good at handling their emotions like he was now(and fuck anybody who said otherwise, no clue what they were talking about), they wouldn't be having this mess in a public place, now would they? Women, y'know, what're you gonna do? It was a good thing he happened to be here for...whatever he was doing.

He cracked a sympathetic smile. "Well, I kinda got lost here trying to do some assignment, details kinda get by me? And I saw you two and thought 'Hey, they do this whole school thing, maybe they'll know.' But then I saw Bryony all upset and, y'know, thought maybe I should lend a hand or a shoulder or whatever?" Yeah. He was killing this. Alice was being kind of an ice queen, did he mess with her recently? Man, he couldn't remember. It could just be her deal. He could power through it, though. "I mean, you see somebody crying in public in front of God and everybody and you've gotta do something, right?"

What a pro. Who said he couldn't sweet talk? Even Alice had to warm up to that. It was hard to give a shit, but there had to be some kind of payoff.
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