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"Let's get our hands dirty"? That phrasing... only made things more weird. Maybe it was intentional. Since it was Haley, she might do that on purpose.

They, Emma reminded herself mentally. Not she. The whole gender thing was still a little confusing to her, to be honest. When Emma first heard about it, she'd assumed that it meant that Haley wanted to be a boy. Actually, they didn't want to be either, it turned out. So, she tried to keep that in mind. Not a boy, not a girl. Emma didn't have an clue that you could be anything else before it came up, but there you go.

Anyways, a competition to who can put condoms on bananas the fastest? That'd actually be fun. Make things less awkward, maybe? Even if it was a joke.

Emma sat back down, gently placing her things back on the table.

"Right," she said.

She reached for the plastic banana sitting on the table. Haley had already grabbed a condom, so it might be a good idea to ask them.

"Haley? Do you want to start first?"

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