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Brendan was okay with Alba rejecting his offer to help her up. Kind of. He was a bit happy that she thanked him. He realized that he may have panicked a bit too much. He felt a little embarrassed by his behavior. But he had been really concerned about crashing into her.

He cleared his throat awkwardly and he slowly got up himself. He winced slightly as his legs were hurting. He gazed down at his knees and he saw that they were grazed and bleeding a little. He decided to ignore it. This hasn't been the first time when he had hurt himself due to his clumsiness. He glanced back at Alba and he gave her a wobbly smile. He had to calm down and try to not overreact to anything else.

Wait, Alba was getting a drink. This could be his chance to make it up to her for what just happened between them. He had some money on him anyway.

"Oh? You were getting a drink?" He said curiously. "W-What were you going to buy? And.... Um.... Would you like me to get it for you? If you don't.... Then that's.... okay, I guess...."

His voice was becoming quieter and quieter. He really did need to get his confidence up. He really didn't want to disappoint Alba for some reason. He figured that he just wanted to bond with her more and get to know her.

"S-So what are you doing here? Were you practicing?" He was eyeing her bag on Alba's shoulder.
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