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“It’s totally up to you Nate,” Lani began. “Ultimately, no one can force you to go if you don’t want to or don’t need to.” His mention of student debt made her laugh vivaciously. “Maybe I’ll get lucky and score a scholarship.”

Lani had no idea that Nate intended on becoming a pastor; it was a career choice that had never crossed her mind, most likely through not being religious herself, but she was so impressed with Nate because he already had an idea of his future ambitions and goals. “I think it’s really cool that you’ve got plans, even if they’re not set in stone. Me? Well, I like the idea of college like I said, but like, I’ve no clue what any of it will amount to, if anything I guess.” Her shrug and composure seemed to mimic that of Nate’s when he became self-deprecating, not out of mockery, but now because she was the one feeling insecure.

Before she’d realised it, Joshua had arrived. Lani had been enjoying her conversation with Nate deeply, as she always did. “Joshua! Thank you for meeting me here. Don’t mention it at all. I’ve had excellent company, and was here a lot earlier than necessary!” She nearly completely forgot about her baking until she glanced over to the window. “By the way, mum and I made these for you. They’re made from citrus—and no lactose or nuts involved whatsoever.”

Suddenly, a seemingly strange senior approached the group, stating her name before retreating to a nearby table. Strange in this sense because Lani saw the approach as strange. She was all for meeting new people and improving her relations with other members of the student body, but felt awkward that Jane didn’t ask for her name back, or say anything else for that matter really. Conclusively, Lani shrugged the interaction off, guessing that Jane would return if she needed something or wanted to speak to any of them.

Another brief interaction closely followed; it was a wave from Lani’s friend and fellow avid gardener Ty! She returned a smile and waved excitably as she began to remember the last time she visited the store: to buy the zinnia she was currently wearing in her hair.

Lani could feel Nate’s worries about intrusion returning with his closing comment, despite Lani’s initial assurance. “I’m totally okay with you staying Nate! I mean… if that’d be okay with Joshua, of course?” She was trying not show it too much, but she probably wanted Nate to stay as much as he was hoping to stay.
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