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MK Kilmarnock
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End of Day 3, decided to give you guys a progress report.

My concept's name is, uh... "Mr. Stickly Fencer man." Still a WIP, haven't named him.

Basic concept is a skeleton fencer, lots of poke, might have a projectile or two. Gotta figure out how those work first.

Got base animations down. I can open up Mugen and have him stand, turn, and crouch. Still working on getting the walking to look natural.

No attacks yet.

His hitboxes are aaaaaall wrong, gotta fix those.

Got some palettes that make him look like a pimp. Might make a video of it soon.

Oh, also he's tall. VEEEERY tall (about 160 px). I'll try and work on that, shrink him down to a little taller than Kung Fu Man (who, by the way, serves as a good template for animation-type stuff and is also a good case study)
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