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”Your sugar; yes, please. Won’t you come and put it down on me?”

The song on the radio echoed through the cafe as Alvaro Vacanti sprayed down the table, taking the cloth out and wiping the table it was dry. It was a song that he had been hearing a lot at the cafe recently. He had never heard it before the past month or so but now it was playing at least every couple of hours, though. Not that he minded that, though. He liked it. The vocals sounded sweet, and it was the kind of innocent love song that he couldn’t help but love listening to. He didn’t know what band it was though, that was something he had to check when he got home. It was his favourite song at the moment, although that wasn’t really hard. Uptown Funk was now boring and most of the other recurring songs he noticed weren’t really his tastes. April seemed to be a month not for his tastes, it seemed.

The table was cleaned down sufficiently enough, so Alvaro took the table number and walked back to the counter with it. Lily was still sitting by herself, poking absentmindedly at a piece of cake. She had been here longer than she had before, and it was clear she wasn’t really doing anything. Why was she staying? Did she want to talk to him for some reason? Why would she want to talk to him alone? She was the only customer in the cafe, and it had been nearly half an hour since the last one left. If she wanted to tell him something while he was alone she could have done it by now. Was it something that she had to work up the determination for? He hoped that it was something good. He wasn’t sure what he’d do if Lily went up to him and told him that she hated him and never wanted to talk to him again. It was likely, he had been talking to her a lot lately, but he hoped that it wasn’t real. If his crush rejected him it’d be the worst thing in the world and he-

“Hey, Al.” His uncle clicked his fingers at Alvaro, waving his hand to grab his attention. Alvaro’s head snapped to the desk, and Alejandro Vacanti stopped waving his hands. “I gotta go back behind the shop a bit before we close for tonight. You mind taking care of the store while I’m out back?”

Alvaro nodded. “I’m okay with doing that. Do you need help opening the door?”

“Nah, I’m fine.” And with that said, his uncle wheeled himself out from behind the counter, and went behind the shop. Him and Lily were the only people in the cafe now. He looked over at her. Still poking at her cake. He could feel his hands shaking. The song was still playing as he wondered what she was going to say to him.
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