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Penelope sat and listened to Astrid as she talked.

"Well..." Penelope closed her DS and placed it on the table next to her tray. "That's not exactly what I meant. I've figured out a bunch of things that I'm good at and that I like doing, like drawing and developing video games, I just... can't really say I'm actively trying to develop those skills all the time. Sometimes I just want to sit around and play a relatively pointless game."

Penelope took note of Astrid's frustration as she spoke. It seemed Astrid wasn't exactly the greatest at hiding her disdain, but at the same time it looked like she calmed down after Penelope put her DS down. Perhaps she just didn't like it that Penelope was looking at the screen and not her, that would certainly explain her comment as she started talking.

Penelope adjusted her posture and started making motions with her hands as she talked. Not having a bottle of tea to drink or a bottle cap to play with as nervous tics was bothering her. "I guess what I'm saying is that you need to go with the flow sometimes. Don't be so wrapped up in making sure that every little moment is accomplishing something in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes it's important to just..." Penelope leaned back in her chair, getting into a comfortable position. "...Take it easy."
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