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Oh, great, just as things were looking good to get Bryony feeling better, Isaac showed up. He was just...ugh, he was so ill-mannered! Alice was loathe to give people grief, but he'd clearly never learned that behavior. She could probably go on an on about her feelings on him, but what would be the point? Better to focus on the issue at hand, which was keeping him from upsetting Bryony.

Unfortunately, there were a few challenges with that. For one, they were in public, and just walking off would make her look like the bad guy in this situation. For another, as much as she hated to admit it, trying to tell off Isaac made her nervous. It might cause a scene, it might upset Bryony further...there were plenty of reasons for Alice to not just tell him to go away. So it was best to just give him what he wanted until he got bored. He probably wouldn't be interested in their issues, right?

"Uh, hi, Isaac. We were uh, probably going to leave soon. Bryony's had a rough day. Did you need something?"

Alice looked up at him, her expression neutral. She had to admit, she had spun that pretty well. As soon as Isaac left, the two could hurry out, and then they could actually have some private time. Alice was itching to get back to her latest fanfiction.
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