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The upperclassmen accepted Haley into their fold. Haley only knew the other two boys by name and what little information they'd heard about them. They knew that Danny was on the football team, but knew almost nothing about Jeremy. They were only classmates, but Haley was open to socializing with them. After all, The best way to get to know people was over a sex ed lesson.

Their foursome was official. "A competition, huh?" Haley chimed in, ears perked at Danny's little joke. "That sounds like a blast. It'd get people excited about this ." They motioned at the nearest table and giggled. "Not that this isn't already super engaging."

They plopped down in a seat, reaching over and picking up a condom wrapper. "But we can't just stand around and twiddle our fingers." They stifled a laugh as they held the wrapper up and shook it. "Let's get our hands dirty."

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