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Bryony gave a small, almost imperceptible nod at Alice’s words. It was all she could currently muster, because she was feeling incredibly, conflicted right now. On the one hand, Bryony had absolutely no idea how much Alice knew, or even suspected, about her sexuality, and she was now… kind of terrified that if she spent more time around her friend, that more hints would leak out, or that piercing questions would be asked.

On the other hand, if Alice was leaving, then all that was left for Bryony was to either stew in her own thoughts and self-doubting at the museum, or to go back home to face Bethany, and in her current mental state, neither was an attractive option. Plus, Alice was right. They were friends. Alice had helped her out more than she probably knew today, just by being there. This new wave of worrying was born from something Bryony didn’t even know was true or not.

The problem was, of course, the fact that the indecision existed full stop.

Bryony didn’t know what to say, or if she should say anything at all, so, thankfully, Alice provided the answer. Bryony perked up the instant she realised what Alice was offering, looking at her friend with wide, hopeful eyes. She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t thought of the idea, but it seemed so obvious now that it had actually been mentioned. She could stay round at Alice, distract herself from drawing, and, hopefully, end up feeling a lot better, staying out of Bethany’s hair for a day.

“Really? That’d… that’d be alright with you and your folks?” Bryony asked. “Well, sure, I’d love to come round! I’d, um, have to check with my parents first, but I’m sure they’d be okay with it!”

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and just as soon as Bryony had managed to pick herself up from the depths of misery, she was brought crashing back to earth. As she was digging around in her bag for her phone, she heard a most unwelcome voice from close by. Fearing the worst, she sharply looked up, staring directly at Isaac Brea. Isaac was… not someone Bryony enjoyed the company of. A lot of what he said could be incredibly caustic and unpleasant, and he had really gotten to her once or twice.

Of course, he always passed it off as a ‘joke’ or a ‘prank’, and didn’t that sound familiar?

Bryony attempted to shrink into her seat and become as small as possible, which was impressive considering her already small stature. Isaac obviously thought he was being ‘kind’ and ‘courteous’ with his question, but Bryony was absolutely not prepared to answer it at this point in time.

“It’s… it’s fine, um, don’t worry about it. Just got… something in my eye…”


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