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And nobody moved in front of his face this time. Thank god. He was a bit worried there that all three of them would just move next to him again and then he’d have nowhere to go. He was surprised that didn’t happen, to be honest. The people around him were juvenile enough for that to be a possibility. He was happy it didn’t, though, then he probably would have had to duck under the table and even then that was likely to not accomplish anything. Jerry and Bradley even offered to protect him. Sweet, he had his own mercenary army now. Well no, not really, but- ooh actually that was a useable concept. A kid in a school who had a mercenary army of other students might work in a story. Not Mark Masters, though, so he’d have to push it aside for a bit. Keep it in the mind for later.

He turned back over to the other group, knowing that Darius was likely going to accuse him again, when he saw Fiyori reaching into her bag and grabbing something out of it…

“Wait, my random accusation was correct?”

And it was, it seemed. Darius took his 3DS and started cradling it in his hands, clearly happy that he had it back. He then proceeded to bring it up to his lips and - nope, seriously not making this up here - kissed it on the lips, before hugging it. Jeremy’s eyebrow raised, and he just kinda blankly stared at Darius for a second.

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