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Feb 1 2016, 07:00 AM
I'm pretty sure they don't actually have the connection, they've just sadly picked the right thing for the wrong reasons. :(

The connection I thought I saw was Penguin's easy, borderline worthless Townread on Murder, coupled with her chainsaw push on me. (Also rather annoyed at getting called bad Town by her when she blatantly did not even read enough to figure out what I had clearly spelled out was the case, but hopefully that was just scum pushing.)

To be fair, that was scummy regardless of Murder's own flip, because it could just have been buddying. Still, it was a really bad associative for her to have, and likewise for Murder.
For what it's worth, she was busy IRL and I sorta incompetently coached her in the scum thread there at that point. The theory behind it was that most of the game wouldn't catch it, and those who did wouldn't have enough votes.
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