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It was weird to stroke the hair of somebody so big. Note to self, don't do that again.

And the big boy then wanted to hide behind his cousin and the guy who was randomly here.

Caedyn took pictures...or looked at pics? But that did not matter to Darius, when he saw his baby.

His green 3DS. Fiyori handed it to him. It was there. It was his 3DS. It was his Nintendo. It was his.

Darius quickly grabbed the 3DS, making sure it doesn't fall on the ground (not that it mattered as it happened twice or thrice, but it was still intact!). It was alive. It wasn't sold. It was in his hands.

The detective, with his hostage in his hands. The hostage that was killed and then revived. The hostage that was presumably made a slave and sold to somebody else. The hostage that was recovered without a scratch. The detective who had lost nothing in the process of recovering it, except maybe a bit of sanity.

Sanity. Darius considered to kiss his 3DS, symbolically. As if it was a book or film. But that'd be way to weird and not so good for the mouth. It also-

Fuck it, he'd still do it.

Smooching his 3DS for a millisecond, he hugged it, embracing it close to his chest. Close enough for nobody to ever touch it again. His adventures he shared with this piece of metal, metal, chips and more metal should remain his.

"Whoa, I had a shock. So relieved. Jesus fucking Christ."

He exhaled. Now the drama was over. Smoke later, probably. Continue playing at home. Never bring things that are worth more than money on the world to parties when drunk ever again. Darius had his 3DS returned.
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