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She couldn't say that was unexpected. Some people were naturally wary of her. Some were not, and started to bolt once she offered her face for a close-up inspection. Darius' comment was not helpful, though. Yeah, true, there were the folks who threw her suspicious glares, and it wasn't a mystery why. Just, it was no fun to be the weird one just 'cause she got smooth black skin. Was more fun if people noticed her crazy eyes.

'kay, she had to step up the crazy eyes game. But the ambition was there!

Fiyori looked over the collected folks. Jerry and Bradley in their bubble. Jeremy suffering permanent trauma. Darius being a motherfucking dumbass. Caedyn doing her Caedyn thing where she was like, super social or something.

It was fun, but it was enough.

Fiyori chuckled softly, hand reaching in her bag. She rummaged just a bit, and soon she grabbed the holy grail of this sinful round. Without turning her face, she held the 3DS in the direction of Darius.
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