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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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When Jeremy decided to run away, Caedyn didn't say anything. Instead of chasing after him, she let out a little giggle and snuck her phone out of her vest pocket. As he huddled down on the table, she leaned over and started snapping pictures. "Evidence!"

She didn't bother taking time to explain. There was so much to do! Her phone was going to be put through its paces as she started darting through app after app, her fingers tapping feverishly at her phone the whole time. To those outside the know, she probably looked insane, but she didn't care. This was art, passion, existence, or like...something else important and eclectic or whatever, words, she was busy, okay? Jeremy might not have done whatever, but he was acting like he had, which meant that this just went from a fun distraction to a legit, juuuuuicy rumor, and her people would want answers from their girl on the scene, Ja?

Caedyn Miller @jaecae4real
#StickyFingers! somebody had a lil trubs keepin hands to himself l. nite...deets later! #scandal #nohedidnt #yeshedid
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She attached the guiltiest looking picture in her bunch to the tweet and sent it out. That was salvo one. She still had to take this to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat...

Oooh, she knew she was forgetting something! With a quick tab over she caught sight of Jeremy again and caught a half-assed picture to play with and Snap out. Maybe she'd give him one of those stupid, huge, handlebar mustaches, just to sell her point?
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