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Jan 30 2016, 08:55 PM

I can see Jeremy and Candice being friends, although he's not too fond of the Kardashians which could be a little separating point. If she watches any of the main shows he watches though (Survivor/The Amazing Race/Big Brother) it could even out.

Ben and Candice can be friends, since aside from the homophobia part he's pretty cool/calm/friendly. Same with Jane/Ben. So long as they're not openly homosexual, he's fine with most people (plus, they know each other from theatre so they'd at least know each other)
For the most part, I agree with you! Candice watches Bog Brother, but she's not all that invested into it. For the other relationships though, I agree with you. Although what are your thoughts on Jane's relationships with Albaro and Jeremy, and Candice's relationship with Alvaro?
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