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I can see the Jeremy/Brendan relationship working, although I doubt that Jeremy would actively try to seek him out to talk to him. The way you described Brendan backing down and some of the stuff I read of him makes me think that he'd be the type of person that annoys him. They'd be decent friends, though.

Jeremy would be okay with Jonathan being friends with Michael, so long as Jonathan wasn't a bully himself. He'd note that Jonathan doesn't keep that cool company, but I see them being friends.

Is Brendan closeted or not? Ben's only really uncomfortable around people he knows are gay and he doesn't attempt to put slurs into every sentence (only using them as a derogatory/insulting term), so if Brendan keeps quiet about his discomfort with slurs they could be okay friends so long as Brendan's not openly bi? Ben's a pretty cool/calm dude so he can deal with Brendan acting weirdly around him in response to slurs.

Same goes for Scarlett, except I think Scarlett's straight so there's no question grounds.

Ben's not liking Jonathan. He keeps bad company in the form of Ben's mortal enemy and if Jonathan's open that seals the deal.
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