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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba continued to walk absentmindedly towards the vending machines. This proved to be unfortunate when someone collided directly into her. Alba was pushed over a bit until she finally lost her balance and fell on her side. Her bag dropped to the ground and provided some cushioning, allowing her right side to have some protection from the ground. Her leg still skidded a bit on the ground.

"Aha, oh what?" Alba cried out when she fell.

She looked over and realized the other guy was crawling over and apologizing. Alba recognized him as Brendan Harte. He was an upperclassman on the swim team, someone Alba had seen around a few times at school.

"Oh, um," Alba began as Brendan unleashed a barrage of questions towards her. He was getting kind of close, making Alba blush slightly. He was asking if her head was okay.

"Oh. my head's great!" Alba shouted. "Don't worry, it didn't even hit the ground. And it's fine! I wasn't paying attention either!"

Alba hoped he was okay with that. She found it weird when people apologized to her excessively.
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