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It was a good few moments into Penelope’s explanation before Astrid realised that she was gripping her fork so hard her knuckles had turned white. That… was not a good sign. A little startled at herself, Astrid loosened her grip, gently placing the fork on the table as quietly as possible. She tried to make sure her face looked as nonchalant as possible, but she was certain her usual anger management technique would give her away.

Clench her knuckles. One, two, three, four, five. Unclench. One, two, three, four, five.

For once, it wasn’t even anything that Penelope was saying that was pissing Astrid off. Hell, everything she said was… actually perfectly logical and understandable. To a point. Even if Astrid didn’t necessarily agree with it. What was provoking her ire was the fact that Penelope seemed to refuse to actually look away from the damn game. The bottle cap rolling under a nearby table was actually a relief, in that it drew attention away from the DS. Astrid waited for Penelope to finish her drink, and her final statement, before speaking.

“Sure, I get what you’re saying. But you’re not trying to avoid boredom at the moment, you’re talking to someone. You understand?”

Astrid casually cracked the joints in her fingers, before rolling her neck from side to side. She placed her right elbow on the table, and her chin on her right hand, looking at Penelope with some intrigue.

“Anyway. Usefulness of the game aside, I’m a little surprised you haven’t figured out… well, from the sounds of it, anything about your life yet. I mean, shouldn’t you have at least some idea of what you wanna do once you leave school? You can’t just sit on your laurels forever, playing that game instead of considering this sort of thing. You keep putting stuff off until tomorrow, then tomorrow’s gonna arrive and you haven’t moved.”


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