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AlvaroI see Alvaro and Nate being pretty good friends! Their interests line up fairly well; both are in the soccer team, they both like to cook, and they both have anxiety disorders that Alvaro can emphasise with! My biggest question is if he'd be part of Alvaro's cafe crowd, but I see them being pretty good friends even if he doesn't go there!I don't see anything that'd correlate Alvaro and Vanessa; none of their interests line up and she wouldn't be someone that'd trigger him.
JeremyI could see a one-sided dislike of Jeremy on Nate's part. Jeremy could have made fun of Nate's height at some point as a joke which could lead to stuff!They're both gamers who are super into music so they correlate fairly well with each other. He'd be likely to catch onto Vanessa's self-centeredness pretty quick and he'd be okay with riding the backseat if he needed to.
BenNate's in the drama club and he doesn't seem to be gay or a bully so I think they correlate fairly well! Ben's also a pretty cool/calm guy who doesn't like bullies so I think he'd be a pretty good friend/influence outside of the club?Same here for the most part. They don't do the same sport but the sports are super similar and games are held at the same place so they could have interacted when games intersected and then became friends at school?
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