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The implications of Nathan asking her out for ice cream were completely lost on Mia for the moment. She just smiled broadly at Nathanís suggestion, absentmindedly stroking Pepperís head thanks to the powers of suggestion.

ďSure, sounds great! Iíve got a pretty busy schedule too, uh, most days, but Iíll make sure I find some time for that! And to read the books! Homework can wait a day, right?Ē

Mia grinned once more, before ruffling Pepperís head for a final time and patting his side.

ďAlright, up you get, lazy butt! Itís home time! Iíll catch you later Nathan, hopefully soon!Ē

With one final wave goodbye, Mia strolled out of Nathanís yard, Pepper right beside her. The first thing she thought as she rounded the corner was that she really should have asked for a bag. It really wasnít easy carrying these books under her arm and trying to run.

The second thing was the sudden realisation of the potential meaning behind Nathanís offer, and Mia was left feeling very flustered and confused all the way home.

((Mia Rose continued in All in the Golden Afternoon))
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