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Danny saw Oskar briefly pouting about something, but combined with the family remark he figured it was just some sort of 'oh my god family hangouts are the worst' thing. Danny got that. Like, yeah, Danny's dad was alright but all he ever wanted to do was look at or talk about football and sometimes it's like 'dad, please, I'm busy trying to dance.'

“Alright. Later, dude!” Danny would have waved if he hadn't been busy finally scooping up Isaac's ice-cream.

He handed it to the dude and Isaac just walked out without any more words. Danny capped it off with, “Have a nice day!” Who got the last forced politeness word in? He did. Fuck yeah. Polite-ed the shit out of him.

He looked at Candice, the only one remaining in the store, before gesturing to the back. “Gotta do something in back, just ring the bell if you need anything else. Cool?”

He wandered into the back of the store, back to bemoaning the several hours until he could actually leave.

((Danny Brooks continued in Tank!))
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