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And then everybody decided to get all up in Jeremy’s face to make him uncomfortable. Cadeyn leaned up way too close to his face, and when she was doing that, it became that much harder for Jeremy to ignore her like he had been doing for the past three years. Fiyori fucking lept at him from the side as a result of his accusation. Maybe his random accusation could have actually been correct? Who knew? Who cared? He knew he didn’t. Only reason he was still here in the first place was because Darius was fixated about him being the killer and if Jeremy didn’t prove his innocence Darius would cover him in peanut butter in the middle of the night. God, the horror. He’d have to wash himself before he went to school instead of during the night. Darius also decided to get close, and stroked his hand through Jeremy’s hair. Not that it’d really do anything, Jeremy never styled his hair and it always stayed in the brown curly blob it was, but it did a bit more to make Jeremy creeped out.

He was pretty sure he heard counterpoints to his arguments as well, but at this point they were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too close for comfort and he decided that he was going to get some breathing room before he continued his case. Adjourning the court, in a way. So he grabbed the part of the table to the right of him, and slid over to Jerry and Bradley, who right now seemed to be the only sane people on the table.

“Hi guys please protect me,” he whispered to the both of them. At least with Jerry in front of him Cadeyn couldn’t get up close to his face again.
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