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Brendan didn't even notice the girl in front of him at first. He only had a second to realize that she was there. But it was too late to stop as he bumped right into her. He was knocked over by the impact and he fell forwards onto the ground. He landed pretty awkwardly onto his stomach. His chin bounced against the ground and he was dazed from the blow. What just happened? Where did that girl come from?


He blinked for a few moments. He was still a little stunned by what happened. He turned his head slightly and he was so startled that he had knocked the girl to the ground as well. Oh.... He should have not let himself get distracted by his thoughts. He could have seriously hurt her. He needed to check on her. And well.... Wait, he knew this girl. Alba...?

"Hey! Are you alright, Alba? I'm so sorry from what happened there! I-I'm so sorry. I should have been paying attention! I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't even realize that you were on the path! Are you hurt at all?"

He had got onto his knees which were stringing badly and he crawled over to Alba's side. He honestly didn't care if he got injured in the process. Alba was the only person on his mind at that moment. He leaned in closely to her face. He hoped that she didn't hit her head or anything. He didn't want to be responsible for a head injury.

"U-Um, is your head okay? I'm really sorry, Alba! I'm such a klutz...."
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