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((Isaac Brea Continued From Ice Cream Truck Beat))

He was going to die. He was certain of it at this point. He was absolutely going to die before he remembered why he even came to this boring ass museum, let alone finished whatever assignment brought him here. Probably art. Or, uh, history? English maybe? He couldn't remember. He probably had at some point but he'd been here like an hour already and it was torture. By now he was just wandering around aimlessly hoping to either trigger something or run into someone on the same assignment that he could milk for information.

Fuuuuuuuuck why were museums even a thing? Some of the craftsmanship was nice, he wouldn't argue with that, but there wasn't anything interesting about just wandering around a big-ass building reading all day to look at random shit. They had the internet for that. Come to think of this, this had to be one of those things that only still existed because people weren't smart enough for the internet. That was the only answer.

The glaze in his eyes slipped off when he noticed a familiar and not unwelcome sight. Alice and Bryony from school were hanging out, holding hands and stuff. Girl things, probably. Bryony looked like she'd been crying. Y'know, maybe this was what he needed to set his head straight. Swoop in, play the big, strong, understanding guy, maybe pull out of his dry spell and get his head out of these weird places. Worst case scenario maybe they had a clue about why he was here, since actually remembering was pretty much out of the question at this point.

Isaac put on his best manly swagger and wandered over to the ladies, his face just wracked with what he was sure was convincing concern and comfort. With this kind of lead up, he had this thing on lock. Who said he couldn't be empathetic when he needed to?

"Hey. What's up with the water works?"

Smooth as fuck.
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