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Penelope listened to Astrid's words while tapping away at the screen.

Once Astrid finished talking, Penelope shrugged, not turning her head away from the game. She understood what Astrid was getting at now. Astrid was obviously looking at it from a very practical perspective, which Penelope didn't really care for personally. "I think the game is plenty interesting." She said. "Sure, it's not exactly challenging and it's not developing any skills, but the game doesn't really have a defined endpoint so it's pretty hard to get bored with it like how other games can get boring after you complete them a few times." She leaned back in her chair a little bit. "Since, you know, I'm just playing it to avoid boredom."

Penelope took another sip from her tea bottle. "Also, I'm not really interested in developing any skills right now. I'm still just trying to figure out what I like doing and what I want to do with the rest of my life, y'know?" She turned her head momentarily towards Astrid before turning back to the game.."..If that's what you were getting at, that is."

Penelope played with the cap a little bit more before accidentally causing it to shoot off to somewhere two tables over. "...Shit."

Frustrated with herself for losing her tea bottle's cap, she downed the rest of her tea so as to not worry about spilling it later. She turned her attention back to Astrid. "So, yeah. Hope that helps you understand my perspective."
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