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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah chuckled to himself as Abby said she had a remedy for his emotional pain. Noah wasn't going to hold his breath for anything, but he was curious what she was going to produce from her bag. That's when a sweet smell hit the air. She had cookies. Suddenly, all the emotional trauma Noah felt from tripping was gone and replaced by an insatiable desire for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

"Aaaand you just became my hero," Noah said taking the cookie from Abby.

Noah took a bite and savored it. It was certainly better than anything he could bake, and it made him feel really happy.

"Oh man, Abby," Noah said. "You've got a gift."

Noah then noticed the other boy was gone. Noah wasn't sure where he went, but he figured the guy had stuff to do. He turned his attention back to Abby.

"But man, I'm glad I ran into you today," he told Abby. "You've got everything in that bag I could need, like a younger Mary Poppins or something. You sure came prepared today."
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