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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Fucking lying goddamn twisted piece of shit cocksucking asshole

((Ty Yazzie Stalking In From Goddamn Right, You Should Be Scared Of Me))

The inside of Ty's head was a colorful, hateful whirlpool of anger after sorting his family out this morning before school. Wouldn't you know it, that night after he and Beans had their sit-down, a nice little patch of his garden ended up torn up, just shredded flowers all over the damn place. When he confronted the bastard about it this morning, he acted all innocent in front of Ma and the old man, even had the balls to try to blame the whole thing on Chaplin. Called him a "stray" and thought it was a smart idea to make some sly remarks about local animal shelters. It took Ma calling him back outside to keep him from punching the smug dick full in the face.

He was glad she did. There was nothing good about stooping to his level. If one goddamn petal was out of place when he got home, though...

Ty took a few deep breaths and gripped his book tightly before wandering deeper into the library to find a place to sit. Usually he'd work out to blow off this kind of steam, but getting physical now would just encourage him to be the same way when he got home. It was better to lose himself in thought for awhile, then set the garden to right when he got home. If need be, he'd corner Beans for another talk later. Mary's number was in his phone. Might be time to show that he meant business.

As he turned in to find a table, he noticed Lani surrounded by a whole crew of folks. If she wasn't so frequent around the store, he probably wouldn't have noticed her in the middle of all of them. Seemed only polite to throw a tense smile and a wave her way before he settled down a little ways away and buried himself in The Conquest of Bread.
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