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Ben could see Noah start to come back, which was good. Wound looked clean from here at least, so it wasn’t like he was going to die or anything. Noah was halfway back when Ben noticed his phone vibrating in his pocket. Lana? He instinctively took it out, fumbling his way through the password. He got it wrong the first time, his finger hitting both zero and eight at the same time and messing it up. He tried again, a little more carefully this time. 0506, and he was in. He went to his notifications bar and there it was.

yay! sure, i’d be happy to go.

The fact that Lana seemed happy at the fact that baseball practice wasn’t on was a little weird, but he didn’t pay too much mind to that. She was probably more happy that she got to go shopping for homecoming than at Ben’s practice being cancelled. Hell, he was probably more happy about the former than the latter. Not that it’d be hard to, anyway. Getting cancelled was kinda super disappointing and all.

He looked up. Abby and Noah didn’t seem to be paying attention to him. He used this as an opportunity to slink away, quickly stepping past the path and out of sight. If they asked him why he left at school tomorrow he’d explain why. He’d also apologize, if they wanted one. He doubted that they’d need an apology, but it was better to keep every option up. Just in case something happens.

((Ben Fields, continued in Let's Go Out Tonight))
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