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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Noah seemed to be doing much better, which was great! Especially when he was coming back. Ben wasn't exactly the most open conversationalist, and while she tried to be nice to everyone, she had to admit that Ben's...reputation left her a little uncomfortable. She'd never seen him act hateful, personally, so she hoped that it was just an old comment that got exaggerated and spread out of hand. Few things got under her skin like discrimination, especially homophobia. Some of the stories Papa told her about growing up out, and the things people said and did from that personal perspective...

No need to worry about that now, though! They were all friends and having fun, so nobody needed to get into that kind of trouble right now. She took her kit back with a smile and snapped her fingers. "I might have something for that too!" While she was tucking the kick back into her purse, she opened the inside pocket where she kept her sweets and pulled out a small stack of plastic-wrapped cookies. Their smell drifted out into the open air as she unwrapped them and held them out in her hand. "Just made 'em this morning! They're peanut butter chocolate chip, and there's three of 'em, so ya'll can have one if you like."
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