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Well, that established everything he needed to know. Isaac had come into this ready to find out whether they were doing things the easy way, or the hard way. Lucky for him, they chose the easy way!

Well, easy for him. Probably was gonna suck for them, but Jae was an asshole and Al was a coward so it was hard for him to give much thought to how they felt.

He pretended to nod and listen to Jae's little tirade, throwing in an occasional "mmmhmm" or "yeah" wherever it seemed like it'd be most appropriate or obnoxious. There wasn't much subtlety to the fact that he wasn't actually listening, especially when he started getting up and pushing his chair in as soon as Jae looked away. Before they could ask what he was doing, he gave Jae the finger guns and a big grin. "Great speech, really, it's been fun, but I just had the best idea. See, you two actually give a shit about this whole thing, right? So I don't really need to be here. You just text or e-mail me whatever you need me to say and I'll handle that. Or, y'know, don't, and we can fail! I'm not bothered either way."

With that, Isaac started to saunter away from the table. "Have fun, guys!"

Yeah. That went better than expected. Good talk all around.

((Isaac Brea Remembered Elsewhere))
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