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Alvaro’s words echoed through his head, him seemingly being the only person in the library to have heard them. Isaac came back at Jae with a barb, calling Jae an emo failure. Alvaro turned his head away, trying to tune himself out of whatever was going on here. Why did both of them have to be like this? Couldn’t they just calmly lay out their problems to one another and figure out a compromise? It was what Alvaro would do in this situation, if he were the leader. And if these two didn’t scare him to death. And if these two didn’t likely hate him along with the other at this moment… Okay, yeah. Alvaro wasn’t really capable of doing that, but Jae and Isaac seemed confident, they should be able to!

Looking away from the scene in front of him, he took notice of the books on the shelves next to him. One in particular took his fancy. The Alcheymst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. It looked interesting, or at least the cover did. Maybe after… whatever was happening was over he’d take it to the library counter, borrow it. It seemed to be a series, judging from the books next to it, so who knew? Maybe he’d find a book series he could call his favourite.

His thoughts snapped away from the book and back to the table as Jae addressed him, saying that something went for him, too. He didn’t hear the first part, though. What was something that went for both Isaac and Alvaro? Well, Jae likely hated both of them by now, so there was that. Alvaro seemed to be the only one who shared a bit of compassion for the other two, and he was hit back, a little, by Jae’s remark. “R-right.” Was what came out. He wasn’t sure what else he could say.
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