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Bryony still seemed really upset, even though Alice thought she was doing a pretty good job. Maybe there was some underlying problem that she hadn't recognized? Bryony had reacted pretty visibly when she said that thing about girls, though she quickly noted that she preferred guys. Bree was hardly the type to judge, so...

She had her suspicions, but, Alice didn't mention anything about it. If Bryony was, you know, into girls, Alice was okay with that. She tried to be pretty comfortable with that kind of thing, after all, ever since that thing with Enzo. And besides, pressuring someone into coming out of the closet would definitely not help when they were already so emotionally compromised. And of course, Alice could very well be wrong, so bringing it up would just make it worse.

So instead, Alice returned Bryony's smile. "Got it." She said. "And don't worry, I'll be there whenever you need me. That's what friends are for, right?" She chuckled quietly, then stood up and ran her hands through her bangs. Geez, it was getting late; it was almost dinnertime, and Alice was loathe to be late to get home without prior warning. But if Bryony still needed her...

"I gotta get going soon, I think." She said, looking conflicted. Then an idea struck her, and she smiled. "Hey, maybe you can come by my place? My parents think you're great, and Molly's out tonight. We can practice drawing those things you got, or something."
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