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Candice got up and grabbed her ice cream from Danny, staring at it hungrily. As she put her phone back in her pocket, she started to dig into the ice cream, savoring the sweet, calorie-loaded goodness. Candice squealed in delight at the taste, though she had been expecting it. Diamondback had really good ice cream.

With some remnants of the ice cream on her face, Candice waved Oskar goodbye as he left through the doors. "See you too, Oskar!" She then went back to digging into her ice cream, and started savoring it yet again. But damn it, the ice cream was good. Candice wanted to just eat it like a savage hyena on the prowl for a meal, and just tearing into it, but that seemed like a bit too much. Anyways, Candice was happy just eating her ice cream.
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