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Another girl turned up. No, wait, that was Haley, and she—they—were like… some sort of in-between thing or not a gender or something? Danny didn't get it, to be honest, but whatever floats their boat. Wasn't his problem.

Emma and Jeremy seemed cool with him joining up, too, so that was good. Better than being kicked out to wander, confused and alone, among the jungle of bananas and condoms. Or maybe that was better. He'd decide later.

“Four seems good to me. Though, I'm not sure really why this has to be done in teams to begin with. It's not a sport. ...I mean, unless we go 'first one to roll it on wins.'” After a moment of consideration and a glance around the room at the other forming teams, Danny added, “I mean, we could totally do it faster than any other team but… yeah. I -I mean not that, uh… my point was… four is good!”
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