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Jeremy looked around a bit after a couple of seconds. He should probably get into a group with someone. He didn’t really know who though, or how to approach someone with the topic. There was just something about approaching someone with the aim for them to help him put on a condom which kinda just made people turn off the idea of interacting with him. Luckily for him, Danny Brooks came over to his table, and asked if he could join their “group”. Knowing the situation, group wouldn’t have been the words that Jeremy would have used but hey, whatever, he was in a group now. He didn’t really know much about Danny other than that he was a little bit of a flirt, but Jeremy was feeling a little chipper today, he could feel like making a new friend.

Emma allowed Danny to group up with her and asked Jeremy if he wanted to join along. “Yeah, sure.” Sweet, he dodged a bullet. Now he didn’t have to ask someone to join their group.

...Although now he had to place a condom on a banana, so he wasn’t totally out of the water just yet. Thinking forward, though, it seemed to be more of a two step trial, with the first already done. Nothing worth making a list for, and once he was done he could maybe mess with the others a bit.

Another person came to their table. Haley Luz. She- wait, no; they were in the year below him, and was apparently genderless. He wasn’t quite sure how that worked, but he wasn’t really into barging into someone else’s super private thoughts. She was related to Emma, so she probably wasn’t too bad, though. Now they had four, which Jeremy supposed was a pretty good number for a group.

“So now that we have four, do we start? I doubt that it takes more than that to put on a condom.”
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