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Noah hummed the chorus of "Summertime Sadness" to himself as he dipped his hands under the cool water from the bubbler. It felt nice compared to the stinging sensation that emanated from his hands. Once that was done, he shook the excess water off and began to treat the injury. Noah wasn't that much of a baby when it came to hurting himself; after all, beauty is pain. But it still bugged him like crazy, so he wanted it dealt with as quickly as possible.

Once he had bandages on his palms, he then moved onto the knees. He moved a lot quicker this time. He knew he was probably holding Abby up since he had her first aid kit, so he knew to get back to her as soon as possible in case she needed to be anywhere.

The knees were treated soon, and Noah felt better. Now he needed to go back and pet the dog some more.

He quickly skip-stepped his way back to Abby and Ben. He quickly whistled at them.

"Hey, thanks for the kit," Noah said. "Now the only pain I feel is emotional."
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