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Oh boy, sex ed. Sex ed was hilarious.

Haley acknowledged that it was a vital class and provided fundamental knowledge on one of the most basic topics of human life, but they also acknowledged that they couldn't take the topic seriously. Haley may be a high schol freshman now, but they still had the sense of humor of a middle schooler. They'd heckled the childbirth video and giggled during the lectures. Mrs. Barks had reprimanded them several times before, and Haley had run out of second chances. They needed to make some effort to control themselves.

But bananas and condoms? Haley lost it.

This was yet another important lesson, but one Haley wasn't sure they needed to have. The penis-having part of the class would benefit, but Haley? They didn't have one, and the only time they'd have to do this was to help someone else put it on. And that would be awkward. Who'd ask their partner to slip their dick into a rubber sheath? Haley wouldn't, but they didn't have one. Haley had also never been in a remotely sexual situation their whole life. They couldn't know for sure.

They had to be in groups to do this? That was an odd choice. Did putting on a condom involve group effort? Haley figured it saved the class from sitting in silence and fiddling with their bananas, but having three or four people doing it together was just as awkward

As they formed groups, Haley immediately gravitated towards a girl across the room. Good ol' cousin Emma. This activity would be a whole lot more fun with her, despite being an older relative. She was already grouped up with two other sophomores, but four was an acceptable group size. At least being the youngest excused their mindset.

"Heya, Emma," Haley said as they strolled up to the trio, nodding at the other two. "Y'all ready to use the power of teamwork to put these condoms on bananas?"

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