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Nate could definitely relate to Lani feeling pressured by her mom to do well. At least, he thought he knew what it felt like to be pushed to do better in subjects he didn’t like, but maybe he couldn’t totally relate to feeling pressured to go on to higher learning.

“I don’t know if I’m going to college, to be honest.” He shrugged, that trademark self-doubt not showing up in the words this time. “I’ve got four brothers, and only one of them went to college, so it’s not something my parents have said I have to do or anything, you know?”

“I don’t think I’d go if I could, though. I don’t really like any subjects that you go to college for, except maybe English, and I don’t want to be a writer or anything, so I might as well skip all the debt, right?” he continued, the pile of math books continuing to remain untouched at his side. “I did think about becoming a pastor when I’m older, but I think most of them go to college? I dunno, maybe I can just be one of the ones that doesn’t have a degree.”

Truthfully. his mom had been the one pushing the point that further education was important to joining the clergy, in another attempt to promote his independence. Nate wasn’t aware of that motive, but at the same time it did mean that he and Lani were in fairly similar situations after all.

As he’d been talking to Lani, Joshua had appeared. “Hey, Josh!” he smiled, lifting a hand in a small wave. “Congrats on the election.”

Ah, that was right: he’d said he’d get out of the way when Lani’s tutor showed up. Though, at the same time she'd said it was ok if he'd stuck around, hadn't she? Still, Nate was too polite not to at least ask.

“Sorry, you guys probably have stuff to do; should I leave?” he asked, motioning to stand up and get his things, whilst once again making those puppy dog eyes that quietly pleaded not to be made to go and forced to think about studying again.
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